“The principal sin, Of Gin, Is, among others, Ruining mothers”

We like to think of Gin as the quintessentially British tipple but of course, as is often the case with these things, we adopted it from cousins abroad – in this case the Dutch. But what a job of adopting it we did! 18th Century London was absolutely swimming in the stuff. Of the 15,000 drinking dens in the capital at the time over half were gin joints leading to the era to be dubbed ‘The Gin Craze’.

Well we’re crazy about the stuff and here is a selection of what we have on offer for you at The B & The T

Beefeater London Dry Gin

What is more iconic than the London Beefeater? Well their namesake Gin might be a close second. Very subtle but with distinct citrus overtones with a hint of pepper and coriander to finish.

Hayman's Old Tom Gin

Old Tom is a much rarer variety of gin which was very popular in the Victorian ages. It is typified by the intensity of its botanicals and the heightened sweetness compared to the London dry equivalent. Hayman’s is derived from an original recipe and delivers a unique taste.


A handcrafted, small batch gin which adheres to a traditional list of botanicals bar two unique additions: rose petals and cucumber.

Martin Miller's

Intense citrus notes give way to the tell tale juniper leading out with exotic spices. Millers is distilled with Icelandic water which Miller’s claims is ten times cleaner and softer than most bottled water providing the perfect base to showcase the fine botanicals.

Plymouth Dry

Plymouth is distilled from a unique blend of 7 botanicals, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol at the historic Black Friars Distillery – the oldest working distillery in England.

Beautifully balanced and exceptionally clean with a very dry, lasting finish.

Plymouth Dry Navy Strength

Not for the feint-hearted coming in at an eye watering 57% ABV but the stuff kept the Royal Navy sustained for two centuries as no shift left port without a bottle on board!

The high ABV should accentuate the fragrance of the botanicals whilst retaining the balance typical of Plymouth Gin.

Sacred Gin

The fact that Sacred Gin is highly drinkable even when straight is testament to the complexity and balance of the botanicals. Expect citrus scents, creamy palate and a spiced finish.


“Sipsmith is hand-crafted in truly small batches in London’s first copper distillery for 200 years. This is a classic London Dry Gin produced on their 300 litre copper still Prudence, who is housed on a residential street in West London. One of the only London Dry Gin’s to not be made from a concentrate it is wonderfully bright & rich showing notes of juniper, fresh citrus & spices!” A Gin drinkers Gin!


Produced at one of the world’s leading micro distillers, Hoxton Gin is made using only the finest alcohol derived from French summer wheat. Packed with a distinctive coconut aroma, Hoxton provides a contemporary take on more traditional gins.


An innovative brand, specialising in creating new and exciting gin based cocktails. Aviation Gin uses only the purest 100% Neutral Grain Spirits and botanicals sourced exclusively, at the Oregon Spice Company.

Beefeater 24

The 12 natural ingredients of Beefeater 24 are sourced from around the world. Hand prepared grapefruit and orange peel add a tangy note to the aromatic influence of Japanese and Chinese teas.


Blackwood’s is truly the essence of Shetland, and the world’s only handpicked gin. Local crofters harvest the Shetland botanicals each summer, roughly between June and September (depending when summer comes, and whether it’s warm and dry like 2003 or cool and wet and windy like 2005) in proportions that do not disturb the fragile local habitat.


Caorunn is more than a gin. It is a perfectly balanced, super-premium small batch Scottish Gin, Infused with hand-picked botanicals, inspired by Celtic tradition.

No. 3 London Dry

No.3 is the London Dry Gin distilled to a proprietary recipe of Berry Bros. & Rudd, London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant. The name No.3 refers to the address in St James’s Street, London: our home since 1698. No.3 was created to be the last word in gin for a Dry Martini. With juniper at its heart, it unashamedly celebrates the integrity and character of traditional London Dry Gin: six perfectly balanced botanicals distilled in traditional copper pot stills.