The Drury Tea & Coffee Company

Based in Drury lane in central London this family-owned business have over seventy years experience in blending fine quality teas and roasting the world’s finest gourmet coffees.

All Drury coffees are slowly roasted for maximum flavour and delivered to us at the peak of freshness direct from their central London roastery, which features modern production methods coupled with traditional levels of expertise and care.

Fentimans botanically brewed soft drinks

We stock the full range of Fentimans finest soft drinks. Brewed with herbs and plant root for a full flavour, they make the best mixers to accompany our quality range of spirits.

Served just with ice the soft drink range is uniquely refreshing. Fentimans Ginger Beer has been described as the best in the world, the Seville Orange ‘Jigger’ contains more than 30% of pure mandarin juice, enhanced with natural seville orange flavour and the curiosity cola is invigorating blended with Catuaba & Guarana extracts.

Shandy and old style lemonade are refreshing and tasty while Fentimans classic Dandelion & Burdock evoke wonderful flavours of days gone by.