Real Ale drinkers are like trainspotters…but drunk.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our very own BEER!

Everybody rejoice and say hello to Blacksmith Golden Ale, a smooth, light and golden beer perfect for sessioning (responsibly) and just in time for Spring.

We love our cask ale down at The B & The T. We have four hand pumps with two main stays and a couple of rotating guests. If there\\s anything you\\d particularly like to see us stock please do let us know.

Deuchars IPA

Deuchars has won somewhere around 40 awards including CAMRA’s Supreme Champion Beer of Britain in 2002 and Best Cask Ale at the Brewing Industry International Awards in 2005. An exceptionally drinkable session beer, beautifully blended malts and hops and a great gateway drink to quality cask ales.

An extremely tasty and refreshing pale golden session beer. Hops and fruit are evident and are gently balanced by malt. The lingering aftertaste is delightfully bitter and hoppy’ ‘The Good Beer Guide’, CAMRA

(3.8% ABV)

Caledonian Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman is a sophisticated full flavoured premium bitter beer combining the best barley from the north and robust southern hops. Profoundly malty in aroma but balanced with hints of raisiny spiciness and toasty dryness. Fresh, slightly citrus tang with a rich rounded finish

Courage Directors

A real classic. This strong English ale is ruby tinged and has a distinctive rich fruity flavour underpinned by dry hoppy undertones. Originally this superior ale was brewed exclusively for the Directors of the brewery. Thankfully though, they were eventually persuaded to make it publicly available for all to enjoy.